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One of the best things about the UK is there recent obsession with dogging. What’s that I hear you say? Dogging? Is that some sort of variation of doggystyle fucking or something? No, it’s not at all. Dogging is the practice of having sex at night in public places with other strangers or, sometimes, just with your partner. As you might imagine, Dogging Cam is all about the art of, well, Dogging and a very fun site to boot.

The story behind Dogging Cam is that the ever talented and connected Pussy Prowler (his code name, apparently) has decided to turn a profit on his hobby of lurking at dogging locations and getting of on it. He secretly films and photographs the couples as they head out to fuck in public then uploads them to the site where you can enjoy it with him. A pretty good idea, and he pulls it off pretty well.

Before you go in you should know the site isn’t pretty by any standards. In fact, it looks like an amateur set it up. The design is ugly and basic but I think that’s what the so-called Pussy Prowler was going for. It may not be pretty but it gets the job done. Speaking of getting the job done, the Pussy Prowler has been hard at work for several years now and has a pretty large collection of reality public sex videos and photos. At the time of this review there are several dozen videos, each of them running about 25 minutes in length. The quality is very good and served up in Windows Media Player files that you can either stream in your browser or download. There are also photo galleries, about one for every episode. These have around 100 pics each of good quality that you can browse online.

From the videos I watched it’s a mix between obviously staged videos and what appear to be pretty legit spy photos. At least, they do a good job making it look legit. Some are filmed in the day time and others in nightvision.

All in all it’s a pretty fun site, especially for those into dogging. I recommend it first and foremost for dedicated fans of the niche, as the non-initiated in dogging may not be overly wowed.


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