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For those that get a kick out of the spanking niche, British Spankers has a lot to offer you. Even if you don’t consider yourself a connoisseur of ass spanking, you’ll probably still want to take a look at this site. When I got the URL for the review I thought this would be an OK site, not being a particularly devoted fan of spanking myself, but I was surprised. British Spanking was much more than I had imagined it would be, and even without any hardcore fucking manages to get your blood pumping and your cock hard in no time.

British Spankers is a site that has truly mastered the art of turning a young babe’s ass pink and red. They employ a lot of different manners in which to do this, usually as part of a storyline or scenario. For example, several scenes feature school masters, principals to us American folk, lecturing misbehaving school sluts before having them bend over the desk, peel down their panties and lift up their skirts. Then they are either spanked by hand or with a variety of kinky tools—switches, ropes, paddles, sticks, you name it, they use it. As the girls moan out in pain with each THWACK! on their ass, their juicy round asses turn pink, and then red, as they are punished for being naughty, dirty little sluts.

The punishment isn’t limited to schoolgirls. Misbehaving maids get bent over the knee of their masters and slapped on the ass open-handed until their cheeks are red as blood. Wives that get out of line are told to bend over the kitchen counter and take what’s coming to them as their husbands grab any nearby stick or paddle to punish their juicy ass cheeks. It’s hot, it’s very real, and it’s very intense.

Some other good things to know about British Spankers is that you won’t have any download limits, giving you complete access to their library of videos and photos. At the time of this review there are several dozens of video episodes, ranging from 5 to 30 minutes in length. These capture the whole scene, from the stern reprimanding to the naught ass spanking that follows. You can download these in good quality file formats and keep them for as long as you like on your computer. There are also a huge number of photographs here to enjoy, which are just as easy to browse and download, and again, you won’t be limited—download as much as you like, as often as you like.

For fans of spanking as well as fans of tight, round asses in general, British Spanking is a site you really ought to check out.


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